Pupils meet Ex Super League player Bolu Fagborun at The Training Cave

Once again The Training Cave have invited some of our pupils to join in his employability session where they had another fantastic motivational speaker, Bolu Fagborun. Here’s what The Training Cave had to say about the session;

“Today we had Ex super league player Bolu Fagborun in to give a talk to our employability group.

He was top class and talked about his life, moving from Nigeria and being brought up on rough estates in Bradford. Being ‘different’, finding sport and realising the power of coaches and being part of a team that looks out for each other.

Bolu explained that throughout his life he’s had different goals, once he’s reached those goals he’s realised the fun part has been the journey in reaching those heights and the experience he’s learnt along the way.

He’s now a business consultant, runs a few companies and owns a large area of land out in Nigeria where many people are employed.

Bolu taught our group to look at their strengths and realise what they are good at. If everything you own is taken away from you, you still have the knowledge you gained on your journey to do it all again.

We talked between us about breaking that cycle and helping young people to realise that the world is a big place. There is endless opportunities out there, if you are willing to push yourself. ”


Big thank you to The Training Cave for inviting us along to such a worthy event.


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