NHS organ donor presentation

As part of the BTEC in Personal Growth and Wellbeing qualification for PSHE pupils have covered many topics such as, alcohol and drugs. One topic that the pupils needed to discuss as part of this qualification was organ donation and blood transfusions. In order to make sure the pupils received the best information about this, Karen Piotr – a volunteer working with the NHS and Organ Donation, came to Brian Jackson College to talk to the pupils about organ donation and her experience of this. The pupils learnt about the recent change in legislation about how they now have to opt out of being an organ donor, how to do this, the procedure for donating blood. Karen also spoke to the pupils about the importance of talking to family and friends about their wishes and desires after death. Karen shared her own personal story of sadly losing her husband and how he had expressed the desire to be an organ donor. The pupils really enjoyed the session, and it has been a topic of conversation throughout college since. Thank you to Karen for providing such relevant and thought-provoking information to our pupils.