Sodexo apprenticeship and employment presentation

Brian Jackson College also had the privilege of welcoming Clare Johnson, the early careers lead at Sodexo. Clare came and delivered a session to our year 11 learners, where she shared information about the company, the types of industry sectors they support and what current apprenticeship schemes and employment opportunities they currently have on offer. Clare started the session playing 2 truths and lie, this breaking the ice and a providing the perfect introduction to the session. Clare discussed the youth employment market, providing examples of what it is employers are looking for in the younger generation. Clare also focussed on CV writing, looking at what does and doesn’t sell, even providing the pupils with some fantastic interview tips. This was an invaluable session for our pupils and both pupils and staff alike, report that it was an extremely beneficial session, one pupil stayed with Clare at the end of the session to discuss his future prospects. After their discussion, Clare is now going away to explore getting them into one of their catering providers at Sodexo for some work experience and has expressed that there could be a potential apprenticeship at the end for him.  A huge thank you to Clare for volunteering your time to spend with our pupils.