Project Work

At Brian Jackson College we constantly aim to provide a curriculum that is packed with interesting and varied activities to stimulate all of our pupils minds.

Over the academic year we, in collaboration with the pupils, design and engage in projects.

Project work is committed to following and embracing the 6 Nurture
Principle. (Principles available on request.) A sense of belonging is
essential to progress with our pupils. Project work commits to modelling
and engaging in healthy competition which encourages respect, trust,
boundaries, team building and inclusive engagement. Project work
supports relationships and opportunities for further progress within

Examples of projects delivered are:

  • Kite building
  • Foods around the world
  • Outdoor skills, survival and forestry
  • Dragons den
  • Design and marketing
  • Arts and creativity

The intended outcome is to support areas of social and emotional
development for our pupils so that they are psychologically available
for academic learning. Building trust, respect and learning how to
communicate effectively will discourage engagement in negative
activities and relationships external to college and will support the
change of entrenched perspectives that will maximize life chances.
Creating a sense of belonging and value encourages engagement
with the college and independently with staff and peer groups. This
project is committed to improving self-esteem, self-confidence,
resilience. Learning to communicate, share and express effectively
and through different creative methods aims to also improve mental
health and well-being.

Supporting and encouraging this development in our
pupils will highlight their strengths in skills they may not
be aware of or have been exposed to before which
in turn can maximize future potential and