Food Technology

Food Technology

At Brian Jackson College we create Food Technology opportunities for all our pupils. We find that food technology particularly appeals to our kinaesthetic learners and provides a great opportunity to move around and be hands on in this subject.

We approach food technology from various angles and while this subject serves as an extremely helpful life skill promoting independence and self-sufficiency it also offers opportunities to explore food types, dishes and traditions from a culturally diverse perspective. Pupils can create dishes that may be familiar home favourites to share with others and are also able to research, try, taste and create dishes that they may have never seen or been exposed to before with guidance and support from staff.

Food technology incorporates financial skills, social skills, food preparation, hygiene guidance, understanding dietary requirements and cooking skills. It encourages our pupils to learn about food types and to develop an awareness and understanding of healthy food choices that contributes to making healthy lifestyles available.

We find our pupils often find food technology rewarding as there is a visible and visceral end result where tastes, smells and textures create a whole experience. Our pupils take pride in their culinary skills and regularly share the foods they have cooked around college as well as taking home some of the foods they have produced to share at home.

We provide the ingredients pupils need for all Food Technology lessons.