Fantastic Effort!

The Ship

Cold, wet, and smelly – that’s what she was like. But there was something she had that made her so beautiful. It was as if God himself had sent her, to give us a light in this vast abyss of darkness known as life. Bright she could shine, so very bright indeed.

She was like a magnet, attracting everyone who ever lay eyes on her- especially the men! All her curves, size and even her imperfections. She really was one of a kind.

After I lost her, no after we lost her, we couldn’t find anyone else like her. They all just felt so Empty. Nothing can compare to the pain of losing her. She was part of us and now she was gone.

Oh, how I miss you Sally. You made me whole, so I thank you for being in my life. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything else in the whole world.

You truly were the only ship for me!


This story was written by one of our fantastic Year 10 Pupils at Wellington House!